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What is it about you that…

What is it about you that never fails to take my breath away?

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January 20, 2012 · 9:38 PM


The feeling of wanting to ignore the whole world and just be alone.

Don’t want to do anything.

It isn’t because i deliberately want to ignore everyone or everything.

I just want to be alone.

Because i am loathing everything right now including myself.

Don’t mess with me if you are smart enough.

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I want a drink….

I want a drink. And probably get real wasted.

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November 25, 2011 · 11:46 PM

Victorian Affair

I will never regret choosing VJ.

After one entire year of crazy fun, hellish work, new close friendships forged, unforgetable memories, heavy responsiblities, and more more more FUN FUN FUN, VJ is undeniably the RIGHT and BEST choice for me.

I do agree that JC is so busy and hectic its definitely less enjoyable than secondary school. But in relative to other JCs, VJ is so so fun. Victorians are just crazy and FUN LOVERS. The Victorian Spirit is so strong its heartening. Take yesterday for example, despite the torrential rain during post promos party, victorians just stand in the rain, get drenched, just so to support our friends who spent so much time practising to put up a good performance for us. We were all gross, muddy and wet but that didnt dampen our Victorian Spirit. We party and jumped in the mud, get our feet and shoes muddy and dirty but we cheer and dance like its the last night of our lives. haha.

We didnt blame god for the weather, because he gave us such a beautiful afternoon for our fun amazing, really amazing, race. Instead, we embraced it and had even more fun because dancing in the rain and getting drenched with your friends is just so crazily fun :D

Maybe because i am just so fun loving, VJ is the best for me. Even our principal went up stage to sing ridiculously out of tune just so that we get some entertainment from it. This is college life. And it is certainly worth all the efforts, hardwork and every single bit of unhappiness i’ve experienced in VJ.

Victoria Junior College is probably the very first school to have a FLASHMOB at Marina Bay Sands area. We are just cool like that.

Loving VJ and i am definitely looking forward to a brand new 2012 with new hopes(: VJ! <3 and of course, 11S3A! <3 We will continue to WALK WITH SWAG (even if we are always late for EVERYTHING :D).

P.S. Its amazing what power you have over me. I still cant figure that out…

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Dig Deeper

Watched Sex and the City 1 and 2. To be honest, its better than i thought it would be. You just have to dig deeper for the meaning. In fact, it taught many invaluable life lessons lacking in many novels, movies, tv series etc. Apart from those disturbing sexual scenes which made up less than a minute of the entire movie, i must say this is one of those better movies that triumph chick flicks. The predominant friendship theme really serve as a great reminder for us to stand by our friends. They will ultimately be there for us when we need help most. If they are true friends of course. Admirable sisters bonds and reminders as well as lessons to manage better relationships with those around us. Three cheers to Sex and the City! (: Must watch!

P.S. You can always fast forward the disturbing sexual scenes though (:

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