SEE THE HEIGHT DISPARITY? I am not short! its just that they are too tall. hey 1 more cm and i am 160! Lauboon… way to go! HAHA :D

I shall attempt to make some clarification through this post, apparently, i give people the wrong impression that i am…

1. BIMBO. Tay weiting is not a bimbo mind you. Thou shall not deny the fact that i am a little overly dramatic SOMETIMES and say things like OHMYGOD etc etc, in what people deem as bimbotic tone. But thos are only at times when i…, drop my phone while smsing, drop my calculator, my worksheets flew off, i thought i did not bring my homework, a sudden realization that there is a test, i left my beloved phone in class during recess which deprived me of the chance to sms. Hence, people should not be so judgmental and think that i am a bimbo, because i am not! Furthermore, wearing black stocking does not reflects one’s bimbo-ness because it is solely for the sake of covering up my ugly wound ):  show some pity people! Loving to stare at your own reflection is not a crime either! that does not necessary means that i am self indulgent, but only exemplify the fact that my obsessive compulsive disorder with reflection is on a rise everyday ):

2. REBELLIOUS. Despite the fact that i constantly sms and eat in class, do not button my collar, and love questioning the teachers’ opinion, nevertheless, i am a good kid! True enough i do not pay attention in class and talk all day long, i try to stay out of the classroom as long as possible, i refuse to attend learning club even though the whole world is into it because i dont see a point to, i called teachers “EH” by ACCIDENT, PURE ACCIDENT, and comment softly during geog test “what shit question is this?!” unfortunately within hearing range of sherwood which replied rather unkindly “i do not appreciate comments”. Other than all these, i behave myself! i don’t smoke, i hate drugs, my pinafore length is acceptable, i FAKE tuck in my t-shirt with the wonders FOLDING IT IN, my name tag is there most of the time, and i dont walk out of lesson! fine i did. only once. but whatever. SEE, i am a model student! and there isnt a record of me being late TEN YEARS STRAIGHT. most importantly, i love all my friends and i am not school bully(: TAYWEITING IS NOT A REBEL.

3. RETARDED. Yes i know that i stupidly fell into a drain not too long ago, and i forgot to clipped my buerette and start filling it with chemical while exclaiming “WHY IS IT THAT MY BUERETTE CAN NEVER BE FILLED?!” and not realizing that the floor is wet, it took my at least 5 seconds to react, i start singing JAGABEE song during lesson, scribble weird stuff on the table, threw away my math worksheet and the desperate attempts to locate all my belongings when they are right on my desk top, apart from these, i am not a retard. i know i say things that doesnt exactly make much sense, some, FINE MOST, of the time, one cant categorise me as retard ):

4. DRAMA. Hello?! singing in the middle of lesson, and greeting everyone “MERRY CHRISTMAS” randomly, coupling with exaggerated gestures does not make me drama! and anyways, i AM from drama <3 wait that sounds self contradicting. whatever, you know what i mean (:

Finally, in conclusion, i wish that all out there can understand that tayweiting is a very normal and kind st nicholas girls which despite the fact the she hates the school system, she will miss the people here alot. Especially when she start pondering over who can actually stand her nonsense in Jc. i cant imagine what will happen if i start singing “I… CAN GIVE YOU GATSBY… GATSBY… GATSBY…” during lesson ): i bet my table mate will hate me.

And no one will be able to withstand my constant bugging “DO YOU THINK I AM FAT?” and all my whining about the mean teachers we have. They are very nice people actually ): minus off the workload and tests. I love st nicks!!! because only the people here can withstand me saying F accidentally in class and apologizing frantically later on ):

whatever JC i am going to sure can’t. And i bet the boys will hate me because i comment on Y chromosome too much ;p

I DONT WANT CHINESE SPEECH AGAIN TOMORROW! stupid zhuang ): she wants to video it down for some strange reason she just loves torturing me. I WOULD RATHER SHE SKIN ME ALIVE. okay, probably not, that hurts ): BUT WHO WANTS THE VIDEO OF THEM TREMBLING TO BE PASSED DOWN YEARS LATER FOR THE JUNIORS TO WITNESS THE HUGE EMBARASSMENT?! She is so damn weird, she mistook my nervous for my confidence, and my screwed up speech for something that is worth recording. I SERIOUSLY HOPE I LOSE MY VOICE TOMORROW. BET SHE WILL BE HOPPING MAD.


Sorry lauboon! post dedication another day!

-just as i thought you can prove me wrong by showing me true love do exist. this have to happen. It just assured me in a negative way, that there aint true love. Nevermind, you are a brave one girl! hang in there. i am sure you will find someone better! prove me wrong someday! haha.

SNHC exchange this week! The lucky white badges ):


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  1. ♥Xinyi loves Hyukjae

    Yo man! Actually, I don’t know what to comment. But since you so nicely requested me to drop by and write something, I’ve decided to humour you a little! Sher sucks big time. Her voice is like some fabulous lullaby that works everytime without fail. Urgh.

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