I didn’t knew it is so painful.

I knew it doesnt feel good to fail. Didnt know its so bad. Perhaps its just the straight A1 records that makes it so hard for me to get through. Many people won’t understand. But i knew, what really hurt most wasn’t the grade itself, because i knew i could have done better if my teacher didnt caused my screw up. Whats so painful was what she did. She not referring to my teacher. i know if she did not do that, i would not have felt so sad at all. After all, so many years of friendship, must you do this? i know it feels good to win me in a way, but at least, dont show it. Not right in my face when i still sincerely treat you as a friend even though so many people are starting to hate you because of who you truly are behind the innocent mask.

School is pretty alright… Struggling through lessons trying to keep myself awake etc etc.

And thanks for those who really care. I will work harder. And TayWeiting will never screw up this bad again. Please remind me of how badly i’ve scored if you see me having the impulse to slack.

went J8 after school and did really lame and childish stuff in attempt to cheer me up. Did helps actually. Sometimes i’m so glad to be myself, because i can feel happy over the slightest things (:

Lauboon BIG face with those paint.

our caterpillar which cost us $5.50 (:

faking a smile ):

deep down, its a frown ):

that reads E8 ):

fast forward to finish product(: its the most creative one ever! love all the colour mix. because weiting is just so whacky and artistic. haha.

No school tomorrow…!

I am loving the song “i never told you”, though i can really feel my heart aching. I need time.


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One response to “I didn’t knew it is so painful.


    HELLOHELLO! hahaha. OMG WHY IS THE FONT SO FRIGGING HUGE?!?!?! haha. anyhoos, i think i’m so nice okay! i came to comment albeit saying TMR! hee. LOVE ME RIGHT! :D i know! eh! why never thank me for bringing you to that place to do stupid stuff huh! tsk!

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