Love Stories Used To Be You Jump I Jump

Titanic never fails to make me tear. Its just my weak spot i guess. I would say despite watching so many great movies, it will forever be my favourite one. It just reflect so so much on human. Selfishness, Selflessness, Love, Greed, the desire to be free deep within them, the core of their body. Whats the point of having so much wealth and power, when in the end, humans will lose to the same thing. Death. One thing that we can never escape from, we will forever be manipulated by death. You can be the king of the world, in the end, in the face of death, you will still be a vulnerable animal. One that struggle to breathe, do everything just so that you can see the world for one more seconds. When we are well and alive, we complain, we loath what we are doing. But when we are about to leave the world, we wish, we fight so hard for our life just so that we can do the things that we hate so much. Just what are humans thinking? what are we doing. Yes i wont deny that i complain. but at least, i am not power hungry. Social classes, hierachy, positions, at last all these just boils down to nothing. We will be reduced to the same. Bones, ashes. What is the point of going after wealth and neglecting so many other things in your life. You may argue that in Titanic, the richer and wealthier people get to board the ships. They saved their life, but many lost their conscience during it. They lost their soul. On contary, it is those who stay, stay to save their beloved, stay to die with their beloved, stay to truly savour the very last breath of oxygen they breathe that is truly admirable. I am not saying that we should succumb to death, give up, lose hope. However, if until the very last moment you still dont see the true meaning in life, it is very sad. Sadder to live than to die because you dont deserve it at all. Living is about knowing the meaning, and carrying it out, not ruining it.

The thing that truly tear me up bit by bit as the story unfold is the tragic love story. If you know me well, you should know that tayweiting doesnt believe in love stories at all. This is, surprisingly the only one that i still believe in, Thankfully. Many think that love is about possesing him/her, spending your eternity life with that person. The truth is, despite all calamity, under whatever circumstances, you live for that person. breathe for that person. If you truly love someone that much, you will not end your life because he or she are no longer around. Funny enough, more often than not that is what people are doing. Even though i am no longer a believer of true love, i still think that true love is the greatest thing on this earth, the most beautiful thing of a human soul, with it, it gives you courage to overcome anything, everything.

Some people think its stupid and illogical to fall madly and passionately in love in short 24 hour. I will not judge since i myself do not believe in fairytales. Nevertheless, its worth some thought over how people can sacrifice themselves just for love. This IS true love. Thing that people should be seeking for and not promiscuity. My utmost respect to the lovers, they love from their soul. When someone can be so deeply etched in your memory until so many years down the road, the overwhelming affection is still there, it just shows how genuine the love is. Heard from ge ge that it is actually an autobiography. The more saddening it is of course. Nonetheless, i believe many would give up anything just so that they can truly love once. Its almost impossible to spot such love nowadays since everything its just so shallow. At least, i will, even if its just for a day. The most magnificent thing in life does not have to last, getting to experience it just for a minute is enough to savour for eternity. Living till a ripe age possessing everything with the exception of true love is far worse off than living for a day and encountering it. At times, its not so much about sustaining it, isnt it?

City life do make people lose themselves.

Too much to say and some feelings just cant be put to words as much as i want to. I am not seeking and hoping that anyone can empathise with me while watching Titanic but do appreciate it and gain something from it. Because it is more than just a movie. Same applies for the video clips on 911.

When you make promises, do not break them. And never let go even till the very last second.

Apologies for the extreme long ranting to soothe my torn heart. haha. It doesnt really helps when your EQ is way way higher than your IQ.

Feeling really jaded. Struggled so that i can finish posting while i am emoing ): since i doubt i can sleep anyway.

LOVE TITANIC! <3 shall hunt the vcd down (:

the show, ironically as it sounds, does make my heart go on.



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3 responses to “Love Stories Used To Be You Jump I Jump

  1. Carolyn


    And yes I totally referred to my diary while doing that post!

  2. ♥Xinyi loves Hyukjae

    Titanic rocks! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
    I totally forgot that there was this last scene where she walked up the stairs and kiss Jack (squeals! Leonardo used to be so handsome) Let’s watch it together someday! With my disc of course~

  3. Shinwei

    Hahas, interesting entry, we talked abt this sooooooo many times! Its rly disheartening, esp. after my recent erm, events. haishh, I guess love stories are Still “you-jump-I-jump”, but it DOESNT happen to everyone):

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