What Do People Truly Want To Attain In Life?

Sorry for the dead blog these few days. No time ):

School is great(: the usual grumbles from friends around me made me reflect more. Strange that people always say “hey, if you have anything, just say it out, better than bottling everything up.” -smiles- and then, when someone merely start conveying their unhappiness and displeasure through actions and words, you will hear comments like “blah blah blah loves to whine and complain. can’t he/she cherish what he/she has?” or “eh, can you stop complaining, we are no better than you alright. be contented” SEE HOW COMTRADICTING HUMANS ARE? we deserve to die. HAHA. maybe not. but yea, do try to see my point, we are just plain weird.

I am pretty proud of myself. manage to survive on half a mango, one apple, and three buns on friday. Breakfast at 5.30am till 10.30 at night. Way too tired to do any work on friday since PE, yoga and all the workload just drained me out of my energy. LOVE GROUP FOUR. haha. the crazy bunch of us just keep doing the YOG star jump randomly (: It feels good to know that hope is getting bonded etc. I think i will still miss the funny antics we have when i graduate from st nicks. I believe not many classes openly discuss about bio spa during the mock test. haha! After Dawn Lim walked out of the class for a short while, we just start the “eheh, measure the root or plant?!” and then the wonderful discussion starts :D and it feels good to know that a bunch of your friends did not do the homework with you. “who didnt do summary???” -hands shot up- HAHAHA(: love all my desk mates. lovely souls~

woke up at 8 yesterday and had a movie marathon. Watched 5 movies in total. WOOHOOO. some shows, you’ll never get sick of watching it many times. watched the proposal, romeo & juliet, bewitched, finding nemo and the departed. Although the departed was such a disappointment since they cut alot of scenes. The M18 was pretty good. Think its a good show since its the second time i’ve watched it and i still find it thrilling. I think the number of hours i spent on movies alone add up to 8 hours. Comment form gege “the number of hours you spent on movies is equivalent to the number of tests you have next week” HAHA (:

yupp 8 tests next week. BLAHHH. and its suppose to be the last week of term one. Foreshadowing our term 2 life i figure. TAY WEITING CANT WAIT FOR Os. oh, just occurred to me, we’ll be getting back our Progress Report next week. what irony. since i did not make any progress at all. Or i should say, i progress the WRONG way.

People are maturing too fast in current society. Perhaps its just the way schools manufacture us to be, or how life force us to be pragmatic. Whatever it is, i think we ought to ruminate what we really aim for in life. Have been pondering over which career path i should take up next time and i believe many hesistate over to choose a lucrative prospect or something of your own dream. Back then, people will pursue their own dreams, nowadays, the reality of world somehow left you with no choice but to choose a practical professions. Doctors doesn’t seem like they are serving the community with much compassion now isn’t it? If not, there won’t be so many patients who are financially challenged dying as they could not afford the hefty hospitals bills or surgical fees. Vicious cycle. Rich are getting richer, poor getting poorer.

Whatever it is, we should follow our conscience. Even if years down, you may regret making the choice, at least we are still loyal to our souls. What is the point of striving for something which may benefit your physical while you betray your principles. No happiness attained. Really hope you will learn this and stop being so facade, hypocrite and power hungry. It really sadden me to see that you still do not understand the true essence in life. Hopefully someday, when you look back, you will see how hard some of us is trying to help you. Regrettably, you do not appreciate us.

The saddest thing in life is to fake a smile. Right?

Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable and remove yourself from the unacceptable – Denis Waitley.

Dearest Lauboon, for heaven sake, YOU GOTTA LET GO. if not you will be haunted forever. HAHA.

And shin, we will forever love you!(:

I HAVE NOT WATCH DEAR JOHN. Shall read the book first since ching ching said the book is much better.


BLEH~ I FINISHED MY GUMMY BEARS ): what am i going to survive on for lunch tomorrow?! shouldnt have ate that for dinner yesterday ):



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4 responses to “What Do People Truly Want To Attain In Life?

  1. chaibaby groban depp lerman


    haha thanks for continuing to read my blog like the loyal stalker that you are :D and yeah, anyway, I’m really prepared to go Ngee Ann Poly now, and out of choice too. Cos the mass comm course looks damn appealing *mouth waters*

    and yeah you’re so random, my logan will break the J flow :/ AND WHAT’S R&R ??

    R&R is rest and relaxation! cant believe you dont know this wonderful abbreviation since it actually bring such joy for us…

    so are you for the idea?! :D

  3. Carolyn

    Yeah sad isn’t it! It made me think so much (again). Anyway, I CAN WATCH DEAR JOHN WITH YOU HAHAHA. Even though it sucks, I kinda have a stupid soft spot for it hehehehehe. And yeah we will pull through ok!! Os are just, Os. Not some big giant monster eating us up so I guess we’re alright huh.

    Ok I’m just weird.
    Seeya tomorrow woohoo!

  4. Shinwei

    Thanks tarded(: love you for 3 seconds

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