Courageous Ching Ching(:

We should always believe that life will still be beautiful even after…

1. You screwed up your chem spa because you completely did not realise that MOLAR MASS require UNITS. but hundreds others screw up too, so well, dont broad over it.

2. It is wednesday but apparently you only cleared half of the tests you have this week and you unfortunately have three tomorrow.

3. You are very tired everyday but have to continue mugging under whatever circumstances and slap yourself during math to keep yourself awake.

4. You will be receiving your progress report tomorrow and you are feeling upset over it because knowing how disappointing your result is, and SEEING it printed on the piece of paper is completely two different matter.

5. You embarrass yourself during assembly and the whole cohort was staring at you with much amusement and bewilderment.

Well, the last one is in honour to our very courageous carolyn of course :D adore her. her face totally turned red after the salutation to Mrs Goh. but hey! its worth some praise alright! HAHA! Hope-ians are such let down. we cant even pass down the correct message ;p when it reaches me, the message was “stand up and thank her”. we will surely lose when it comes to playing telephone line or something. the message is COMPLETELY different :D

Sara found a wonderful fact today. The ratio of singaporean to china people is 1 : 218.8888… and the ratio of singaporean to india people is 1 : 250. which means, for every one weiting in singapore, we have 218.8888 weitings in china. how scary is that! i mean, how wonderful :D and for every sara in singapore, we will have 250 in INDIA. And indian men are on the rise, no pun intended, but very soon, we will start having indian men as husbands. since y chromosomes are shrinking. Sadly, american men population is probably dwindling, which will only left us with one route. Spinster. What joy.

Mr Alex Teoh is indeed a very interesting person. Never heard of teacher saying “i THINK the time is up. you WILL have to put your pens down.” how nice (: teachers will just say “time is up. put your pens down. i say put your pens down… PUT YOUR PENS DOWN”. which just annoy us to no end since sometimes we are actually writing our names. Which reminds me of that sickening teacher who just keep saying “SILENCE, THERE IS NO NEED TO TALK” like a zillion times every tuesday. i suggest she should stock up her vocab bank.

Health check up!!! my back bone is still positive ): 3 degree left and 4 degree right. Two humps. yea yea i know i sound like a camel, and i feel like one, but i just cant help it. Its so tired to maintain your posture when you are feeling jaded everyday ):

Didnt have our last morning jog of the term due to the torrential rain. but the exercises were not any better. and sara just keep accusing me of slapping her. i cant help it! i was laughing too hard to stop since the sight of her flapping her hands is just so hilarious :D:D:D she is cute. cant wait for march holidays. infact, its not exactly a holiday. it just “5 days of not going to school early”. but whatever, i will cherish it since it is definitely our last official holiday. schedule packed packed packed.

And am i a little obsessive over articulation, enunciation and pronunciation?!?! i mean, i just cant stand it and i will probably go raving mad when people do not articulate and enunciate, and do not know how to pronounce but that does not equate to obsessive right?! just like how MOLAR MASS DOES NOT EQUATE TO Mr.

oh just stop harping weiting.

in reply to Shin’s comment, well, you are very optimistic when it comes to this area. Salute your unrelentless beliefs. But still, i am not convinced ): like i’ve told Rachel, learning too much about the reality of life hurts. sometimes, way beyond your imagination.

Quote from Mrs Goh, “There are two important days in our lives. The day we are born. And the day we know why.” That brought tears to my eyes for a minute. Question yourself. How often, in current world, do people know the true essence in life? They THOUGHT they knew. and we THOUGHT, we know. There is this deep and profound meaning to it that is indescribable.

VERDICT OUT TOMORROW. Though i already knew the verdict. But its different from when the judge reads it out loud. You feel closer to death.


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  1. Carolyn

    Embarrassing much. Wednesday will forever be imprinted in my mind. At least try not to think about it. I am not finishing Chem anytime soon and I am here destressinggggg. For a minute. Now back, GO BACK. Yes ok bye!

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