I never knew how important SN and LD were to me…

Sorry for neglecting my blog for so many days. Not that weiting actually runs out of things to say ( not like she ever will ) but its actually because i am so busy ): i am always super busy during the holidays. how ironic but whatever. I shall sum up the last four days in as few words as possible, but do bear with me because i have gained such deep insight for life from the four days. things that i will safekeep it forever. NOT TRYING TO SOUND CHEEM. but still… anyways, if you are not very interested in my reflection of tayweiting’s four years in LD, you can scroll to the second part of the post :D

Shall start from LD. LD day camp today! or erm… its just some bonding session actually. Totally love the time we did a reflection. Yea sure, i hate reflections most of the time but this time round, the sec fours did a wonderful reflection about our four years. FOUR WHOLE YEARS IN LD. i was trying to suppress my emotions. Because i never knew, we all once hated LD so much. We are the “sacrificial batch” the batch that was deprived of opportunities to shine, to excel, to release our passion. We were forced to do the things we hate, and back in sec two, LD sessions were pure torture for everyone. Infernal literally. We just cant wait to graduate because we hate LD so much. As a result, the batch was not bonded. AT ALL. we do have best friends from LD but we just do not feel the love for our cca, and could not fathom why others can love their cca so much. However, as we look back today, we cant help but to wonder, how much have we actually done for our cca. how much time did we waste complaining about LD? we have only three months left. Its just so short. so super short, for us to make up for what we’ve lost. i regret, regret not cherishing every single moment i had inLD. i know it sounds stupid and cliche like how people always ALWAYS regret until they lost something. Its true, unfortunately, that people only realised how dear something is to them when they lost it for good. Too bad. thats life. our great plans, to fight for the time we lost, to have dinner after every alternate LD sessions, to have green badge outing… blahblahblah.our attempts. hopefully, not futile attempts. We will work hard to make Jubilate the best show ever since its our first and last(: I finally felt the fear, the fear of not putting up a good show. because i know just how much i will regret if LD musical flopped.

My best friend, is from LD. My four years, be it happy or sad, were spent with LD. My memories, were gifts from LD. If it was a mistake to step into LD, i would gladly make the same mistake again. It is a sweet mistake, and a mistake that change my life completely. It is only when i know that i am leaving LD, leaving SN, i feel the strong urge to embrace all the moments i have in those. I still hate St nicks system, no doubt, but they groom me to be who i am. For the past three years, i kept hearing the same old “cherish all your time here, if not you will regret it”, “you will miss sn alot when you leave this place” etc etc. That idea of me saying the same thing to my junior never struck me. Weiting thought that she will never feel the same kind of love for SN and LD like her awesome patriotic seniors, regretfully, its true. It is the type of experience no one can ever imagine. i am not expecting my juniors to be able to empathise since i never did when i was still so young and cute ;p i mean, innocent, but do try to leave MARKS behind.

Was chatting with Siuming about the Snhc exchange ’10. Quite hilarious and endearing to hear all those rumours all over again. I was once a victim, so i do filter information i hear from others and i never once judge. i know how shitty it feels to be in the “limelight” for one whole week, or MONTH, and yea. walking down the canteen is challenging my courage because i will hear “SHE IS THE ONE” oh whatever. Seeing history replaying all over again is interesting since i see things in a total different perspective. I jolly well know that SN big mouths can never be shut, and when guys are around, some bitches just lose their minds. i mean SOME. like MINORITY. ah well… sweet memories. something i will carry it with my whole life. The trauma from those rumours will stick with me too and serve as a reminder to always be fair and unbiased about the things i heard unless i witness them myself. tainted for life. HAHA!


okay second part of the post.

According to my beloved brother, i should start the post like this…

Dear reader, upon reading this, you ought to be feeling fortunate that you are not a sister (if you are a girl) of my brother.

HAHA :D HOW TRUE. went shopping with mom and gege yesterday at bugis. OHMYGOODNESS. Tayweiting officially died for the first time in her whole life from shopping for 2 hours. ONLY. Gotta hand it to my brother. He is the only one in the world that can kill me, a girl who can shop for 12 hours straight without grumbling (much), within twou hours of shopping. you can feel honoured gege. There were 5 bag shops. And he entered every single one at least AT LEAT MINIMUM, THRICE. THRICE. 5 x 3 = 15. YES I WALKED INTO THOSE BAG SHOPS FOR AT LEAST 15 TIMES JUST SO HE CAN BUY HIS DARLING BAG. i love you gege. my mom went a little cranky i supposed.

me: mummy… i am dying ): why must gege torture us???

mom: (in a monotoneless way) hey, please ask me how i am feeling now.

me: how are you feeling?

mom: i think i am already dead.

THIS IS WHAT MY BROTHER CAN DO TO PEOPLE. And mummy made a good point, if he go shopping with his girlfriend, she will probably break up with him. Next time when he hunt for appartment, his wife is definitely going to die in his hand. Not like that fusspot brother of mine wasnt tired actually. The moment he sat down on the bench… -sigh and chuckle- “this is the first time i think that something is better than sex.” yupp. that is mybrother. he is decent most of the time. but sometimes, when he is cranky i suppose he doesnt know what he is saying, and did not realise that he is talking to a 16 years old, not his fellow 22.

Anyhoos, saturday was another great movie marathon for me ! :D hehe. movies in the afternoon… dinner at pizza hut… movie with family again(: I do recommend you to watch UP, cos i seriously think that it bring out the principles and many things about humanity in a subtle and light hearted way. I doubt i am thinking too much or reading too much into the plot as it is pretty obvious what the director and playwright want the audiences to take away from the movie.

One week is TOO SHORT. but nevermind, i am missing school already. Minus all the tests i will be having the moment i set my foot into st nicks.


Put a smile on your lips people ! and laugh all your unhappiness away. Because Life Is A Joke, So, Just Laugh It Off.

My all time favourite line :D



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5 responses to “I never knew how important SN and LD were to me…

  1. Carolyn

    Glee! Haha I borrowed The Last Lecture today. And I’m watching the video now! It really is amazing. I mean, he really is amazing.

    And for the first time since I was born, I actually am going to finish all my hw before half the holiday is even gone.

    I feel so proud of myself.
    Hehehehhe. (Ok just let me indulge awhile haha!)

  2. xinyi

    hi babe(: this twx arh, ownage sia. luckily i nvr gone shopping with him before. or else die manz. hahas, meet out soon(:

  3. xinyi

    hey babe(: this twx arh, really damn li hai arh, shopping in two hours can kill all of you. luckily i never go shopping with him before. lols. meet up soon(:

  4. xinyi

    oops. sorry for spamming. hahahas

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