YAY! holidays rocks as usual. Though yesterday was kind of the last day and i should be summing up my whole week, i was pretty lazy ;p SO I SHALL SUM UP MY WHOLE HOLIDAY NOWWW!


Went Vivo with xinyi to watch Alice. I would say that it is not a bad show… but not a very good one either. Or maybe like what xinyi said, i had a high expectation of that show since Johnny Depp is starring in it, resulting in the slight disappointment afterwards. so people! dont expect too much from it before you watch it! Ate at this pretty nice yoghurt stall YIGLOO or something before we took the train home.

SLEEPOVER! yea that crazy woman just annoy to me to no end and i couldn’t sleep the whole night. she just keep kicking me out of the bed, and playing with my thumb, and hugging me etc etc. Well of course all this happen while she is SLEEPING. so what can i do except to give up sleeping? Should had wrap her up in a sleeping bad and throw her in the balcony =.= and we watched half blood (which sucks) and brides war. HOT SMURF! haha! Anyhoos, we had fun the whole night!!!



Gege started highing over making those rubber stretchable stress ball. i would say the end product is really adorable :D and it makes people happy squeezing it. at least, it made our whole family happy. HAHA. Runs in the blood. but that silly little brother of mine was covered with flour at the end of it :D and some went into his mouth :D what a profound moment, i’ll never forget that in my whole life. HAHAHA. and once again, no mugging done. but i manage to catch up with glee until the episode that is on air (:


Shopped alone on thursday after lunch with bro. I LOVE SHOPPING ALONE. It just gives you so much time to be alone with your inner self and look at the world and people around you. Its just so peaceful and happy. like getting to know the little friend that lies within your soul. i spent all the money i had and was only left with 10 cents till i decided to take the train home. haha(: bought all sorts of rubbish ;p but who cares. its holiday!!!

Going QI HANG later. have to go now! if not i will be late meeting boon and sara.

GOODBYE EVERYONE! and to those that are emoing, SMILE. because it makes the world go round (:

Pictures speaks louder than words. cos talk is cheap.


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  1. lormee

    (haha qihang sounds like someone’s name)

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