12 more weeks to go!

Yea, its supposedly 12 more weeks since we have 2 weeks of extra lesson in June ): but nevermind! i kind of miss st nicks. yea yea i know i am insane. i’ve heard that for a million time when i expresses my love and joy for term reopen. i mean come to think of it, just 3 more terms left in st nicks. enjoy it!

Slept during Zhuang’s lesson today. SURPRISINGLY, she didnt scold (: hehe. Thank her for being so understanding. i need to adjust my bio clock to 11pm and 5.30 am instead of 4.00am to 11am. haha! Love holis nevertheless!

As usual, I did not finish my holiday assignment. But i don’t really care since the teachers have no intention to collect them anyway. tons of stuff to do. better get going! Getting back geography paper tomorrow. can’t wait =.= i need at least an A2 which is highly impossible.

Our killer and infernal term is starting! HAVE FUN PEOPLE. and hang in there whatever it is. we can, we will and we must survive!


feel like ponning 100m and 200m try outs tomorrow. zzzz.

have to start weaving a wonderful excuse now… SHINWEI! HELP!


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