If life is a musical, No one will know the lyrics to it

Miss 2009. Its so slack and relaxing. Even with only one test this week, i can somehow feel the impending workload which is suffocating me. people are just so tense and mad about grades which is causing me to think twice about going HCJC. After all, stepping into the campus would mean a great sacrifice of my personal life. Having to manage JC subjects and activities alone can drive you up the wall, not to mention all the nonsense i will be experiencing from the NY girls. i mean, SOME nygirls. Nevertheless, i have to agree with what Gege said. even if i go to VJ, and my class is full of snobbish people, i won’t be happy there either. And if i’m lucky in HC and get a bunch of really great peers, i would become a patriotic hwach. Whatever it is, i need to get my grades up first. otherwise, i won’t even be eligible to make a choice between the two.

last day of term 1 ):

As much as the holding site is crappy and hazardous, i believe i’ll still miss this place. After all, my craziest phase of life in st nicks will be here. (i;ve no idea why i look like a rebel here :/ )

Ben and Jerry queue on tuesday was horrifying. It was really appalling to see the sea of elite students there. Haha! RIJC, RI, NY, HC, HCJC, NJC, and SN. If we’re consider an elite school :/ pretty funny to see the new generation of uncles and aunties emerging from the few top schools. Seems to me that the students are really free and have nothing better to do but to queue 40mins for one cone. A better explanation will perhaps be that we’re too stress and need some icecream to make us happy :D Its pretty mucha a great reunion for many of us because we saw so many of our friends and Seniors. Ben and Jerry brings the world together. HAHA! had a heart to heart session with Qiaoer. We both realised that ahem has became so despo that is beyond cure. Pretty sad though, and when she enter Junior College, we really wonder what kind of person she is going to turn into ):

Miss Poore was attempting to make us feel guilty/persuading us to join math learning club, for those that have yet to join ): to make it more obvious, she is just singling out the few of us since almost everyone joined the club. Among us few, i think i am the only one not joining without official reason ;p not that i don’t see the point… i mean yea we probably will benefit from it. but having 3 hours 10 minutes of math lesson is too much! Its practically, math lesson, math extra lesson, math learning club. By the end of it, i will suffer from a brain freeze and die crossing the road or something. And i do wonder why i can sense the presence of something lurking around… It was so long ago. Give me a break alright? i do not need all these crap to start all over again especially during the time when i am mentally and physically worn out.have sudden craving for subway cookie now… ):

Tingxie was crap today! St nicks should just void tingxie. At the age of sixteen, having to learn tingxie is bad enough, not to mention the embarrassing fact that we still have english spelling. when will we ever grow up?! i guess never… Left my english compre at home today. Doris didnt seems to quite believe me when i said i left it at home. Seriously! i checked EVERY SINGLE pocket in my file, took out everything under my desk, and even sat down on the dirty floor to look for my compre!!! For the first time in my whole life, i was so upset that i didnt bring my homework. haha! charmaine said i was PMSing ;p probably not, guessed i was upset over the fact that i would be bored to death during english lesson. Not that i actually mind in the end since i started drawing MONSTERS all over my foolscap cover <3

This is MOP! haha (:

The Famous JAMES!!! haha. Chai and rachel love this. and i think charmaine too. Though i think it looks a little too fat. hehe

Didnt manage to finish this before lesson ended. So its nameless ):

need to start working on my math homework now… two days worth of homework  :(

was emoing with lynette yesterday…

she said “how nice is life is a musical…”

and we both agreed that “if life is a musical, no one will know the lyrics to it”

sadly, people just don’t know why they are living for…


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