Identity Crisis

I am really really tired after 3 whole months. someone please save my soul from the tedium of school life! Dont intend to post… but well my blog stats keep increasing, so i kind of feel guilty and bad for the people who navigate to my blog and find it exactly the way it is the last time they visited. So here it is, a glimpse of my life.

Apart from being more hardworking, in order to pull up my horrifying grades last term, Term 2 is just another routine. Syllabus are pelting on us. everyday, i just struggle to absorb the increasingly difficult chapters hammered into the little jaded brain of mine. When left with no options, i turn to caffeine. Rehearsals are piling up as Jubilate draws near. I am excited about it, no doubt. nevertheless, it will just means that we’ll have to step down, and before that, our schedules will be infernal.

April’s fool. I guess the day is designed for me or something =.= Sharon seems to find great joy flunking disgusting, revolting and detestable insects at me. I know they are fake, but one look at those is enough to make me scream. Perhaps, that is exactly where sharon’s interest is. My scream. Just hope that JC won’t be like this O: since guys are always up to mischief.

Went out for study session at changi with Qiaoer and Bong yesterday :D happiness! as usual, its fun, bitchy and PRODUCTIVE. hehe. i will miss this life next year. Even if we end up in the same JC, things will be different.

Speaking of which, i am once again in a dilemma. Hwachong or Victoria? there are so many factors to take into consideration. I will be taking a certain risk whichever my choice is, but i just want to cut the risk and regrets to the minimum. Out of approximately 50 people i’ve asked, everyone says i belong to hwachong except for my beloved Rachel. Statistics just make things worse since it merely confuse me more.

Stupid it may seems, but part of me is wishing that my results sucks, but reasonable for an entry to VJ. That will leave me with no choice but to go Victoria.

Thursday was last day with Sara! i will miss her. thats without saying. all her nonsense, her weird questions that doesnt make sense, her draggy speeches, sotong nature etc etc. Still, i know leeyin and kimbo will make nice partners :D and i am sitting in the middle! the seat directly behind my current one (i know its stupid. blame doris =.= ) make things easier for me.

monday onwards, i can eat, sleep, do homework, SMS and do all sorts of ridiculous things without getting caught. Best of it will be SMS and eating of course.

Love lauboon <3 her awesome M&Ms saved my life! at least, during english and chinese. (and Zhuang didnt scold when she caught me eating! O: surprise surprise!!!)

In honour of Sara, for entertaining me for 7weeks. (we are the two figures standing up btw)


Hello April. Goodbye March.


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