Scoring High In Grades But Not In Value

Do Read this article if you have not. Strongly recommended. Especially If you are in an ahem, elite school. Doris showed us this today, and for once, i feel that she taught me something. haha.

I am somewhat considered to be in an elite school i suppose. Growing up in such an environment and nurtured to be “leaders” i fully agree and share the same perspective as the author of the article. Nowadays, people in elite schools are just too snobbish and self-centered. Pardon me for generalising and categorising but that is the trend. I would not deny that there are many exceptions out there who are nice and sweet. However, if you are an elite student, ask yourself, are you not proud to be branded? are you not proud to wear your school attire and proudly exclaim “i am from blahblahblah”. It is undeniable and inevitable that people feel proud to be branded and what most say “one level higher than the others”. That is not an issue. The main point is, the branding and pragmatic society we are living in are causing elites to lose their way and values. Discrimination against the neighborhood schools are becoming a norm among the elites. They think that they are better, smarter, more capable and successful in almost every other aspects. Regretfully, one area most elites lose out in is their perspective towards life. Having pampered under excellent and outstanding family backgrounds they cannot truly empathise with the less fortunate and sadly, are ignorant of many harsh facts and realities in life. More often than not, it is only when they set afoot in the society will they realise that life is not what they thought to be, and there are more out there for them to learn in order to truly succeed in life. One such lesson will be “how to be humble and learn from others”.

It is sad that the singapore’s education system is not helping. In fact, it is unfair to condemn those who do not score well in PSLE. If you do not get a good grade for PSLE, there goes your chance to be an “elite”. You will most probably end up in a normal school, or even, neighborhood school. With that, it makes things more difficult to get a good score for O levels, not to mention A levels. Furthermore, the enrollment rate in top JCs are mostly full before any Olevel takers can grab a seat in there.

If not for the attitude, competitiveness, and underhand methods SOME elites used, people may not have view the student from top schools in this light. I shan’t elaborate or even name the schools as it will bound to arouse unwanted controversy.

The worst is, elites have the mindset that they must excel, and will succeed in life and therefore, forever aiming for the best and missing out so much in life. As for the girls, unfortunately, their souls and minds are cultured in such a way that their boyfriends/husbands must be of the “top quality” with endless amount of Cs, reputable job etc etc so as to allow them to pursue their fascination of high end lifestyle. It is once again the concept of “pure blood must marry pure blood. Muggles belong to a lower class of their own and are disgrace.” Yes, this is the exact depiction of our society, what our beloved Ministry Of Education has drilled into some of the brains of the little ones.

A vicious cycle evidently, since parents of the “upper class” will go all out to groom their children into future barrack obama to be, hammering all the wrong concepts and values and taint their souls.

Of course, this is merely a generalisation and Elites can be nice people too. And there definitely are nice cream-of-the-crops around. It is just the behaviour of some that is creating a big hoo-ha, which in my opinion, is essential as it allows the so called elites to think twice about their attitudes and mindset.

Like what my Bro once said “you dont always have to be top for everything.” As much as he is always the top of everything, i must agree that grades only provide you with an option and entry ticket to a good school. Grades are not Verdicts for you to follow.

Since i chose St nicks over nanyang, i’ll perhaps, choose Vj over Hc :/

Back to studying bio! Otherwise, i can jolly well about both VJ and HC (:



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2 responses to “Scoring High In Grades But Not In Value

  1. Carolyn

    Woah. Somehow I feel like maybe not all should be faulted for feeling proud to be elite. It sort of comes naturally eh? Perhaps the important thing is to remain humble despite being proud to part of XYZ institution. Contradicting but yes.

    And anyway, I HAVE A LOT OF Cs!! Name-wise, and I hope not grade-wise this term. Hahhaha. Seeyaaaa

  2. lormee

    so correct omg! HAHAH your blog damn chim! and I like the VJ part (x

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