Every Friday is so tiring for me. Started the day literally with a bang. Did all sorts of leg training THEN napfa run. Apparently a deliberate move by Miss Lim since she intended for us to feel tired during the run. As i was on a caffeine rush, the run was pretty easy for me… but the arms and abs training later on was insane. hang on the bar like prisoners of war and lift up our legs. Jaded.

Had Chemistry test during lunch time. Its the very very first time that i found a chemistry test difficult. But almost everyone screwed it up :p kinda excited to know the result. haha. Bet miss lee will hyperventilates when she marks the papers.

rushed straight to LD after the test. Hiphop was madness! its so difficult. i mean the destitute girls part. its pretty tough. and i’ve got a blister from all the running and dancing blahblahblah. Almost late for yoga. Practically ran all the way home after CCA. fridays are the most engaging yet taxing for me. mentally and physically worn out.

Volcanoe eruption in iceland. This single eruption caused 250m of glaciers around it to melt. which i strongly believe will result in flooding and increasing natural disasters. Catastrophe are such norm now that i think it will be better off that the world just end and human race get wiped out. A good end. and a good start. everything can start from zero again including our tainted souls. Come to think of it, its not exactly bleak if the world ends. We are just paying the bill for our actions. The calamities and the harm we inflicted on our environment is meant to serve as a wake up call for many to stop their selfish acts and to see life from a different perspective. Some people just dont get it. It so pathetic that people never see the light. Mankind the word itself is ironic. we are so not kind.

ACS and SAS boys stir up another controversy. this time round, people argued that the AC boy’s mother thinks that her wealth are everything and will advantage her and her son in the eyes of law. More often than not, when people are rich, they lose their mind. Wealth can give you anything, but not everything. What are lawyers? Lawyers are just people who turn black to white in the presence of money. cold crisp cash. sad that there are no justice in this world. one may debate t hat lawyers can turn down the cases they do not wish to take up or can reject cases in which they have to defend their guilty clients. however, if you are working in a lawfirm, you have no say in whichever cases. unless you are the boss of the firm, then you can choose to fight injustice. Nevertheless, to be able to be the boss of a law firm, you have to first be famous and financially stable. To achieve that, you still have to start small and even go against your conscience and so called justice in order to win the case, and become a reputable lawyer. to put it simply, there is no justice in this world. with money, you can just hire someone to cover up your sins. you call that justice? well well, this is reality. the way people are leading their life.

Went for track meet on wednesday. exciting matches indeed. totally love the hwachong and raffles spirit. you can totally tell that they put in all their mind and soul to support their fellow schoolmates. and the school spirit is overwhelming. On the other hand, school like *** just curse their schoolmates with vulgarities and said things like “he is such an embarrassment” when that guy was the last in the race. come on, if you are there to just see your school wins, then you shouldnt even call yourself supporters anymore. We are there to cheer for people, not to win. In a race, its impossible for everyone to be the first, and emerge as the champion. Its the spirit that counts. despite being last, you still put in your last burst of energy and finish the race. For audiences, you watch, admire the spirit, and cheer for them. the same applies for the rat race in life. if you are the runner, its your spirit, determination and mentality that matters. the champion title is just there as a form of motivation and encouragement. We are all donkeys who prefer carrots to whips. If you are the audience, cheer for the people around you. nothing matters more than a few words of encouragement. If you think that you are born to put people down with unkind words, then you are a miserable soul. a real sad one. One lacking in maturity and conscience.

Time really flies. Its almost a few hours ago, i had napfa training, bio test, hiphop and yoga. Another week has passed. soon, it will be jubilate… the o levels.

I need to breathe. breathe in more than just oxygen. As a whole, i know i am lacking more than just that. I am in need of time, time to think, time to get in touch with my ownself.

only then will i be able to take a good look at the things around me and move on with a lighter heart.


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