The Real Sane Ones Are The Insane.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and gifts! i know this gratitude comes a little late but i was really busy the past few days :/ life is a hurricane for me now. Fast, overwhelming and going in swirls. After Os, peace will then be restored.

Three days worth of break is indeed another self discovery process for me. Probably not much of self discovery but i indeed learn something. From movies! Movies are mirrors of our life(: be it good or bad. More often than not, the message comes so subtlely that people do not receive it as intended by the playwright or director. Humans are shallow like that.

Anyways, caught this show “Fat Albert” on channel 5 early saturday morning. I really thought it was a stupid lame show that just helps distract me from my extreme boredom initially. As i submerged myself in the realm of lameness, it occurred to me that the director/writer is trying to show the audience what we neglect in our everyday life. Children, with their untainted soul and angelic mind, see the world clearer than adults. They are more discerning and see the truth and live up to morals way better than adults are. As adults think that the male lead is merely impersonating “fat albert” it is the children that realise that he is the real fat albert. I cant help but wonder why as people grow, they complicate things so much and turn the world into such a complex place for us to breathe in. A simple action like breathing is made complicated. “humans take in air which contain approximately 20% oxygen and breathe out air containing a higher level of carbon dioxide than what we take in”. FOR HEAVEN SAKE, we just breathe to live alright. See what i mean? The most simple things are made so convoluted. Blame it on technology, blame it on human greed. No wonder more land has to be conserve to build mental institution.

Which brings me to my next point. Watched Shutter island today. If i looked at as a horror/thriller i would say it failed terribly. From my personal point of view though since xinyi was hiding behind her hair and in my shoulder throughout the whole show ._. however if i rate it from a general perspective it is not a bad show. thought provoking for me once again. I love the ending especially though many people do not understand it as can be inferred from the fervent discussions across the cinema when the show ended. It is really a good ending as it has a profound meaning behind it although it requires the audience to infer. The movie indirectly shows how society condemns insane people which is true to a certain extent. Regrettably, we do not see that at times, people who lose sanity can see the world from a much clearer perspective. People who are insane or have any mental health records (bipolar, clinical depression, hallucination etc) are merely the ones that chose to run away from reality. Escape from truths that hurts, withdrawing themselves from the concrete picture. Living in illusions do remove pain but only temporary. Hallucination is anesthetic, it numb pain for a while, but not forever. If one becomes addicted to it he/she will find it even more difficult to have the courage to confront reality. Self deluding is indeed the best way to hide problems but not solve. When you have a deep wound that hurts so terribly, who out there will not rather choose to inject anesthetic and morphine to numb it? why choose pain over comfort? Condemning people who are insane are just as good as condemning ourselves. we are the one who created harsh reality for them to run away from.

Leonardo is just an endearing character. Though he is like old and ugly now. haha. but he has this wonderful ability to make me empathize with whatever character he is acting as. And his character in this movie is so tragic. Imagine your wife killing all your three kids. And you love your wife more than you love yourself, but yet you killed her because its too much for you to bear and all the cruel facts are crashing down on your like mud from landslide. At moments like this, you wish more than ever you are dead. Choosing to hallucinate and live in your own phantasmagorical world doesnt seem such a bad idea right? at least you get to fantasize and express your idealism. Crazy people are the most fortunate people ever. They get to create a surreal perfect world for themselves. They are the smartest people arent they? I wish i am one of them right now. haha. And i am not joking. really. i am perfectly serious. Perhaps i am just lacking the courage to progress from where i am standing now. the road ahead it too bumpy for me to bear. I had enough of the motion sickness.

Enchanted is a show created to help people believe that true love exists. but sadly it is just another fairytale. A beautiful fairytale though.

Things viewed from different perspective carries different meaning. The real sane ones are the insane.

Guess what, i spend 50 bucks for dunno what today. i just went out and PUFF 50 bucks gone from my wallet. i didnt even splurge on myself! all i did was to get mama’s day present and sara’s present :/

feeling perplexed now ): I REALLY WANT TO GO CRAZY. so much better to live in a hallucinated world.


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