For once i am probably not going to reflect as much and just merely describe the eventful one week. shall leave all the reflection till my sec four grad. i do not need to make myself more depress than i already am.

to summarize everything, i have been reaching home at 7-9 everyday for rehearsal etc etc. So its pretty clear how tired i am as i blog this. Reached home at 12++ yesterday and slept at around 2.

LD rock the house! <3 the feeling of standing on stage is really wonderful and overwhelming. singing (though i lost my voice), dancing (though my leg is injured) and acting gave me such an adrenaline rush that i dont even need painkillers. though the pain is killing me now. haha. no pun intended. Even though there were a few tech problems like our mikes were mute and stuff, everything was basically smooth. 1o minutes before our performance, our lovely president just has to say things like “its our last performance” and all, which obviously made us all cry and smudge our make up. Went on stage with red puffy eyes and swollen leg, nonetheless, a bright smile. haha :D

this whole new feeling push me deep into a dilemma of whether i should pursue sports in JC. the stage is my life, and when i am on stage, everything feels so different. The applause and cheers touches me really deeply.

Pictures speak louder than words(: awesome memories, awesome juniors, awesome LD. jubilate <3

thanks for the flowers darlings!!! and all the encouragements and help from all of you when i injured my leg! all your care and concern made me hang on (:

love LD! love 4hope! love st nicks (:


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One response to “JUBILATE VII

  1. Xinyi the awesome

    Hello babe! I know this seems a bit too late, but LD is so awesome yeah! Love you, stay strong and keep me updated :)

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