Are You Doing Things For The Sake Of It?

Miss me? :D hehe. I know its holiday and i am obliged to post since i’m suppose to be free. I am totally not. I am not going t0 turbn this into a ranting post, so well, i shall not harp on the impossible amount of work i have to complete and how bleak my life is.

Anyhoos, i didnt post purely because everytime i post something, i’ll be overwhelmed with emotions, and that feeling resonate for a few days normally. Call me emotional. haha.

In summary, i appreciate life. So regardless of the workload, i know i should be thankful since there are tonnes out there suffering a worse fate than me. be contented dear (: Past two weeks had definitely be enriching for me, and yes, i do notice more about the things and people around me and once more, self-discovery. Everything all chuck in my diary since blog is public and i’ll only post selective information and thoughts.

Was stalking one of my friend/acquaintance on facebook. what i saw did made me question myself if people do things for the sake of it or to fulfill the meaning of it? For instance, most people do homework for the sake of it and not to refresh and reiterate on what we learnt, some people go into relationships for the sake of wanting to be attached or purely for the sake of feeling good and not because of love. which is the purpose of being in a relationship. Though that would actually means that the you are betraying the other party and letting yourself down. Why waste someone’s time if you know that you are not serious about it and you are just seeking emotional comfort in a relationship? These people are really selfish. Most importantly, my point is, are YOU doing things for the sake of it, or to fulfill the fundamental purpose of it?

The most basic example will be a music practical exam perhaps. in the first place, do you learn piano because of your passion? or is it because “everyone is learning, i better equip myself with that too”. If its the former, then why is it that during piano practical, you get so tense up and practise to fervently , memorising every single key and note to ensure that you will get your distinction. shouldn’t you be enjoying your piece and play it the way the composer intended it to be played? you should savour the music. it is the basic respect you can give the composer.

think about it, if you are only doing things for the sake of it, not only it is meaningless, you are wating your precious life. IT IS SO POINTLESS. i really feel like screming this out loud to the world. Nobody seems to understand that humans should stop doing things for the sake of it because it is so pointless and it defeats the purpose of it. If you are questioning your future career path, hopefully, you’ll choose something of your interest and passion instead of something practical but you do not enjoy it. True enough, it is undeniable that we have to be pratical and go for a high salary job and climb this corporate ladder to make it far in life. Nevertheless, do think with your heart sometimes. When you are reflecting on your life in your deathbed, how do you want to look at yourself? someone pursuing their passion, which is the actual MEANING OF LIFE, or someone materialistic and pursue unnecessary desires, wasting precious life and compromising your happiness in the process? We can never lead life without regrets. It is from these regrets and mistakes that we learn, we grow. What i am trying to put across here is that we should not do something without thinkning, we definitely do something we know we will regret, but still do it for the sake of it because it is satisfying for you currently, and temporarily. That is very silly. And only people who do not appreciate life will do that.

If you think that i am preaching, i beg to differ. i merely wish to point out a few facts often neglected by humans as they are so blinded by the temptations around us. Hopefully, you will question your heart’s desire the next time you are making a decision in you life.

Please live life the way it should be led. Humans are losing their way. You dont have t0 be the majority (:

have a nice day world! <3



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2 responses to “Are You Doing Things For The Sake Of It?

  1. pikadru

    thank you for posting this. you have no idea how much i needed this.

  2. awww (: hang in there always! Just remember not to lose your directions sweetie. You live every moment once only.

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