Inception has some facts in it. Humans CAN alter dreams.

(Inspired by inception)

 It is possible to ALTER dream in reality. Creating a whole new dream by itself is perhaps unattainable by humans. (Will make an extremely good experiment though)

Dreams basically serve as a recuperating element for us to deal with our daily emotions. It is trigger by what we see and hear in our conscious state. With the increasing stress for example, humans can deal with this through dreams and reduce the burden it caused us when we awake. Dreams have their SIGNIFICANCE. Maybe there isn’t a universal symbolism for a specific dream as it is SUBJECTIVE for instance, falling or chasing symbolize different things for different people.

Dreams make very good therapy. (own personal opinion) Scientists should try to look into it and explore the infinite possibilities of dreams. Since dreaming is a form of tackling subconscious emotions by humans, it shows us the real truth that we ourselves don’t know. If a person has the ability to remember his or her dreams, it definitely helps him/her to understand their desires deep down.

In real life, we experience a phrase of “emoing” or “identity crisis” where we feel that there is something burdening us but can’t really identify the problem. I guess, there are two possibilities to it. (PURELY PERSONAL OPINIONS) First, our body is feeling lethargic and our mind is entering a state of subconscious whereby we see our deep desires (wanting to be accepted, pass a test, etc etc) therefore we feel burdened by this “new found fact” of us. Sometimes you awake the next day and find yourself feeling upset, look into the mirror and says “today is a bad day”. That is probably where the second scenario comes in. You retained your dreams in certain part of your memory but you can’t remember, in an event that that particular dream dealt with your negative emotions, and yet you can remember it, you feel burdened and upset the way you felt in that dream you can’t remember, making it seems like “I am pmsing” or “emoing for no apparent reason”.

If a person can remember his dreams and alter it, it will be a great way to counter mental disorder resulted by the stress, trauma, or negative emotions. It is proven that people who are able to alter their dreams can handle a particular emotions or situations that have been bothering them better due to the fact that their mind received “trainings” from the dream.

This is what we call lucid dreams. If you have a recurring nightmare, it shows that a particular emotions or object is bothering you. Deal with it! Explore lucid dream and CHANGE the scenarios in your dreams, you are the director of your dreams. Similarly in reality, you will miraculously be able to overcome a problem that has been bothering you. This is proven. However, altering dreams and remembering them after you awake ain’t that easy.

To create lucid dream, you must enter a stage whereby you are conscious in your subconscious state (dreaming). You have to know you are dreaming. In inception, they have a token to identify whether they are dreaming or in reality, in reality, it is possible to do this self-check too.

To prepare your body for that, during conscious state, keep questioning yourself if you are dreaming, check the time every time you questioned yourself. If the time lapse between the first check and second check is a reasonable few minutes, you are awake. If it is a drastic exaggerated few hours, you are dreaming. Second, try to identify an object you will see in your dreams. That serves as a marking. Everytime you see that particular object, your mind will automatically know you are dreaming. For example, tell yourself that when you see an apple, you are dreaming. Your brain recognizes this information and will somehow with unexplainable reason, super impose this to your dream. This is how you can enter a conscious subconscious state during the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) phase of your sleep cycle.

In your dreams, confront your problems or enemy. For example, if a monster is chasing you, (DON’T LAUGH. I had been chased by a werewolf before in my dream =.= ) turn around and confront that monster before it devour you. CHANGE and ALTER the endings of your dreams.

Before you sleep, make an effort to tell yourself to remember your dreams for the night. Investigate your own dreams so that you can counter them efficiently. For instance, do you have a recurring dream every time before a major examination?

Although we can’t CREATE dreams like inception, we can alter them because they are our dreams. I think it is worth some studies into the possibility whereby dreams serve as therapy. Our subconscious is so powerful. If I ever become a psychiatrist, I will explore in that area.

On the other hand, that person must at least have some sanity in them. With the constant questioning of whether you are dreaming or not may cause you to become bewildered in reality and perhaps, when faced with a problem, one will sink into self delusion and choose to believe that “this is a dream and everything will be resolved instantaneously when I wake up”. This is extremely dangerous and may even bring about more harm than good for mentally troubled patients.

Yea inception is a movie so by right, humans can’t share the same dream and create what they want in the dreams they share. NOT TRUE. It is possible for humans to share dreams. However, that only happens when you are very close with that person. You must be emotionally attached and understand each other in order to have telepathic dreams. This is really cool though. I must experiment that (: shall start hunting for a “dream partner” now.

I never knew dreams are so powerful. At the same time, it can be so dangerous too… I shall try to alter some of my dreams from tonight. Bear in mind, everyone dreams EVERY NIGHT. It is the way our brain and body recharge themselves. If you don’t remember dreaming, that doesn’t mean you never dreamt.

Have fun exploring dreams! And make good use of them :D do share your ideas and opinions of dreams!! This is an extremely good and debatable topic. DREAM BIG.

P.S. These are supported by facts. It is true that we can have lucid dreams and alter them. We can also have telepathic and even prophetic dreams. Research in this area. You will stumble upon astounding facts you never knew about yourself.


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