I Love St Nicks

Hello dead blog.

Decided to post even though its so late at night. Feeling nostalgic.

Went through every single picture for the past four years. Scrutinized at every single one of them and the memories flow back. Fresh and Sweet. Have this weird longing to go back to secondary one. To let everything start anew and savour them once more. i see how i grow, how i changed. How my friends travelled with me, how they coloured my life. All these photographs are the best evidence of the memories and our friendship. St Nicks has given me an environment and nurtue me in the most subtle way. It provided me with a location to meet all these people who play such a significant role in my life. For that i really love st nicks.

It has been the most wonderful four years of my life and i really wish i can show the whole world my memories. they are so fond and sweet that it will leave behind this lingering taste even if i am long gone. but i will miss the old st nicks. not the new one that they are creating.

I love my friends and i love St Nicks.

I will spend my last two months with a smile. Thank you St Nicholas Girls’.

At this moment, i know why all our seniors always say “I am proud to be a St Nicholas Girl” because when you experience it, you never want to let it go again.


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