Its always hard to say farewell. Every year, walking into the campus, i looked forward to an exciting adventure. I didnt give much thoughts to how i would feel when i leave this place. All that matter was:


BREAK RULES –> Collar forever unbutton for four years. pinafore… try to keep it to decent length. nametag… WHO CARES

LESSONS = talk incessantly. pay attention? you are talking about weiting here. HOMEWORK?! CHEESEBALLS FORGET IT LURH TELL HER I NEVER BRING… ): doodle all nonsense and bitch about teachers.

Between lessons: drag a whole bunch of friends to toilet/ water cooler

Recess: camp in class, rush out undone work, bitch about everything under the sun

Holidays: SHOPPING, CAMWHORE, EAT-TILL-WE-DROP, and walk around singapore complaining about the dull life here

and alot more obviously.

i won’t deny that i am sad. with each passing day, the feeling of nostalgia is stronger. i want to whine like a baby, pout like a child, throw tantrum and says that “I WANT TO STAY HERE. I DONT WANNA GO”. Its a blessing to be able to do that. I doubt there is any word on the planet to describe how i am feeling right now. Perhaps, some out there share this same feeling with me. Afterall, four years is so long. I wish i could sum up everything in a few lines but that will be doing myself, my life, my friends injustice.

Beatiful imperfection.

that is the best i can do. every scar every tear every struggle left this deep scar on my life. Breath-taking scars that brought me to where i am today. Every drop of sweet memories, every hug, every i love you, every support engraved itself on myheart. Intricate engravings that mould me into a better person.

I will bravely say thank you and move on to another chapter of my life. But i can be very sure this is the most endearing chapter. No matter how other people regard us, i always believe St nicks girls are the best. Yes there are hypocrites, fakes, suck-ups, real bitches and sluts but i dare say within every one of us we love our friends more than anything. The sincerity in friendship is what makes you want to hold on to st nicks. Hold on tight and never let go.



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