Grad night is crazy chaotic camwhoring.

It a wonder how photographs can bring people back together again. People who you have not speak to in the last three years? Its so amazing. Well obviously, photographs can be deceiving. They only portray the most glamarous and happy side of people. What about those unglam, banal, crude moments? Haha.

After the whole grad night, i am officially sure that i’ve this deep loathing for formal functions. For males, functions perhaps simply means dressing formally. For a lady, it means a whole lot more. Not because we are vain, but due to the mere fact that we are victims of societal norms and citerias etc. Drowned in heavy make-up, ugly hairdos, killer high heels, uncomfortable tube dresses which restricts your movement because you have no wish of it slipping off your body frame. Maintaining a good straight posture and treading gracefully in those stilettos is of paramount.

Woke up 7am in the morning to bathe and packed my necessities before heading off to boon’s house. By the time we finish clumping those chemcals on our faces, its around 12.3opm… head straight to the salon for hairdo which lasted till 4? Went for a quick touch up at grand hyatt hotel. By quick, i mean one whole hour ._. Was feeling pretty excited on the ride to Swissotel. After a long crazy fun-filled night with St nicholas Green Badges finally singing school song loud and proud, went for sleep over at boon’s house. Major showering and scrubbing to get rid of every single speck of chemicals in my hair and on my face. By then, its already 2+ am?

19 hours straight.

I am actually glad i wasnt nuts enough to take up the modelling offered to me. Being a model will be crazy! pose after pose, make-up after make-up, flash bulbs going off. Those are enough to blind me for a lifetime. Its always better to be normal. I truly think everyone looks better in School uniform, ponytails, with this perpetual nerd look on their face. At least, i can recognised them. At least, i could recognise myself. This must have been the constant struggle for celebrities. under the spotlight, they must brush all emotions aside and live up to this charismatic attractive star. Showbiz is a hypocritical world. Maybe, its luckier to bea man. They are the judges, while we are being judged. They give the critics, we act according to their wishes. What happen to “all men are created equal?” Perhaps, it really just mean MEN and not HUMAN. Women are never taken into consideration.

So i should live and act like i wish and dont give a damn about whatever lady ettiquette. scold meatballs and cheeseballs whenever i like. Stand on tables and start dancing to crappish pop music and shout OH CPATAIN MY CAPTIAN as loudly as i can. WHO CARES RIGHT. one night of lady-like stuff is enough. I WILL NEVER LET ANYONE TOUCH MY HAIR AGAIN. The next time i touch a makeup kit will probably be JC prom since i wont be joining performing arts anymore. i doubt those colour palettes will be required. Thank goodness.

Chalet was crazy yesterday. BBQ in the rain and perhaps all the smoke and rain clouded my brain and i went a little crazy (: will miss hope alot. Well no emo post today since i am in a good mood. shall not ruin it.

COOKING SPAGHETTI FOR THE TAY FAMILY TONIGHT :D HEHE. their tastebuds are in for a good treat!!!

off for groceries shopping! follow by spring cleaning for my room. time to burn all the books.





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