Merry Christmas! have been feeling happy for the past few days. In fact, weeks. I like this feeling of perpetual happiness(: makes me feel good about life… I think working makes me happy. cos i feel so engaged and the people there are so so super nice. Everyday at work is practically just talk, laugh, crap, fool around (: the best part is we get paid!

was trying to hunt for pretty cards and envelopes yesterday but didnt manage to get it. Am thinking of mailing thank you cards and letters to friends since i received tonnes of christmas cards and presents. I will feel really bad if i dont send anything out. My hand is aching from all the writing :/ haha the last time i wrote so much, was for O level papers. essays essays essays. It seems so amazing how i can finish three literature essays in 1hour 15mins. O:

Looking forward to the gathering later! havent seen my cousins for months. miss them alot <3

results day soon! i think it will be released on 10th jan :/ can’t wait to see the verdict ! regardless how sucky or good it is.

my christmas wish last year didnt come true :/ i wished for world peace but apparently, 2010 is just the reversed ._. i even wrote this long long letter to santa. HAHAHA FOUND IT IN MY CUPBOARD ;p



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