Happy Chinese New Year!

okay i know i suck. Didnt post for… months. so sorry. i have extremely unhealthy posting habit evidently. haha.

SO… for the past one month, nothing exciting basically. I got back my o level results, to my astonishment, i am not being dramatic, my results is somehow better than what i expected. i was actually crossing finger for a 7 or something. but well, i am lucky (: so i chose VICTORIA JUNIOR COLLEGE and i got in! yay! all my friends scolded my dumb for not choosing raffles or hwachong while people out there are coveting that seat in the top notch school. Thats not me i guess… or i would have went nanyang girls or raffles girls after PSLE. Somehow i prefer the third best. hehe.

VJ orientation is awesome! victoria spirit is really strong and awesome. Love my OG and am loving my class! 11S3A!! <3 haha. tonnes of nice people i really hope it will be an enjoyable two years for me.

This is the stage where many things change and we will all have to adapt. I have friends coming to me telling me how they dont think they can survive in this whole new environment. Hang in there dearies! things will get brighter(: we all miss st nicks cos its too awesome. Only st nicks girls know how fabulous we are and the memories will be impossible to wash out in anyway. Now i know why our seniors always want to relive st nicks days. Life in st nicks is heart warming beyond words.

Nonetheless, i will still embrace the two years ahead! official school will be starting and i believe things will great brighter and better.


Tough times dont last, tough people do (Y)


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