Posting with phone!

Yay posting using my phone…
Currently stoning in school till 4.20pm for racial harmony dry run. Pretty bored so i decided to blog. Haha it rhymes.
Anyways pretty happening in school. Got into house comm and positions will be released today. Even though i already know the position. Still pretty upset over the fact that zann is not in. She deserves to be in. House comm is really different without her. Thankfully, i still have jerrell. Without him, i would have quit house and died planning racial harmony.
So school life is just super busy and fun tutorials accumulating, projects piling and packed with floorball and house. Enjoying it thus far(: but i must say i emo alot more in vj than st nicks. Sigh. No matter how good life is, it will not be the same as the st nicks days. Really miss those times.
Really want to smile, be geniunely happy now but i just can’t bring myself to.
It has been quite a while since i last felt like this. I feel like opening it up once more, take a leap if faith and believe in it once more. But the fear of getting hurt is so intense. I really dont know what to do now.

I wish you can make me believe in it once more.


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