On my way to school now :/ really early and i am sick of going to school earlier than normal and reaching home late. I’ve got to admit jc syllabus is much tougher and i should probably start paying attention during lectures are start doing my tutorials. Oh well, so not my style but i will try anyway :/

After assembly today, all mymisery will end. Hehe. Will just have to settle some stuff after rhd and i will be done! Investiture coming up though. More shit to be done. Sigh really miss those days when i will go shopping alone, chill out at cafe with a good book and walk around observing people and sceneries(: just thinking about it makes me happy and peaceful. Yay its good to be easily contented.
Ran 4km but dont feel anything :/ i think i am more of a distance instead of speed person. Should start training timing for napfa. Qian couldnt stop grumbling about how much life sucks yesterday. Haha. Everyone feels the same. Vj is lovely and fun but i can foresee jc being two painfully exciting 2 years. We should all enjoy it while it lasts(:
gonna be another long day later. Dont feel like doing debate. Hope they cancel it :/ verbalising my incoherent thoughts will just show the world how blonde i am. Which is NOT TRUE. oh well.
Dont feel like thinking about that anymore. Its amazing how zann and i are so similar. Even in our problems. Haha. I truly believe god brought us together so that we can pull through the college life with each other’s support. Love her(:

wondering why we bother with love if it never lasts.
I manage to figure that out. Probably because everyone needs to feel loved and important. Its funny how sometimes two people feel the same but refuse to say it thinking it isn’t mutual(: and both suffer. This applies anywhere, everywhere, and to anyone.

Or maybe its better to live in hope. Torturous but thrilling. Right zann?(:
Looking forward to end of the day.


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