The post title sounds so similar to typical one word essay… haha. But thats exactly what i need so oh well.

i actually paid attention during bio lecture and first one hour off math lecture today!! This is definitely worth posting because i sincerely cant remember the last time i actually pay the slightest attention. Some improvements (: the best part is, i was sitting beside zann and we both paid attention. The whole world knows that putting us together is chaos. Evidently, not the case today.

Ultra tired in school but i have quite some stuff to do. House comm is dying down and i can probably take a good short break once investiture is over(: Racial harmony was a success! everyone said it was good. Short and sweet(: am really glad it turned out well especially when seniors said it, i just feel that everyone’s effort is paid off. Hopefully, the student body can look at house committee in a different light. Which is my one and only wish actually. Since most people think that house comm doesnt do shit. sigh… Oh well, still, i want to thank everyone for that!! (: I kinda miss floorball training. Can’t wait for training to resume or i will keep having to self train. haha.

BIology test tomorrow. I badly want to pass, who doesnt… I think i might be able to pass, but an A grade seems impossible. Miss those days when i dont study nor pay attention but can still score a high A effortlessly. Best times of my life. I hope tomorrow will be a good day. Its one hope that follows me through 365 days actually.

Qian is feeling slightly happier today! which makes me happy too (: though danica is in one of her usual bad mood but that nothing new. hahahah. I still think we should have went up to that bitch and tell her “hey your bf is louis right? he is such a good kisser! and did i tell you he is good in bed too?!” HAHAHA in her face! so as to get back at her for being so crazy… i mean whats wrong with your bf talking to his best friend! must you be sucha control freak ): i swear i will never do that. Its so freaky. Worse than chaba ):

HERES A TOAST FOR A GOOD DAY TOMORROW! (though i have a  bad feeling. i dont know why…)

I just need the courage and the faith. Just so that i can believe it is true.

Always know what you are feeling. Because i don’t want to get hurt.


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