Rain Rain Go Away (:

Started the day on a bad note. BIO TEST. I would be able to pass if i had read the question clearly!! lalala. Forget it, maybe i should just aim for a straight fail record or something. The test wont be that difficult if i study. But oh well… forget it (:

Fire drill was conducted during chem tutorial which just make everyone’s wish came true. Its a super fail fire drill and i have no idea what VJ is doing gosh. We will just turn into roast pigs if a fire ever break out in VJ. Was targetted by Mrs Ting as usual… I dont blame her since the six of us are full of nonsense, but she should at least make it less obvious that she hates us. Especially zann ;p awwww. hahahahha. LIKE WE CARE.

So the rest of the day is just blahblahblah. Hwach vs acjc and acsi vs vj matches are postponed due to bad weather. thought i could watch two good matches to mark the end of a… somewhat exciting week?

house comm 2011 looking really bright (: have a good feeling we will make a really good batch of commers and change VJHC history and show the whole school that we are responsible and we do shit. Small steps, slight improvements, but better than non. After all, it has only been two weeks since we are official commers. I cant wait to see the new house den! hopefully it will be a real good place for us to chill out and bond(: hehe. HOUSE COMM 2011 <3 once again, really thankful for RHD as it did change the teachers and students’ opinions of house comm. YAY. everyone is singing praises for it which really goes to show that we have done a great job! or maybe VJ RHD just suck for many years. haha. We came up with a whole bunch of crap and ideas for our one year in house. Cant wait to execute them. haha.

should probably go back to my PI. Due tomorrow and i really dont feel like doing it. PI sucks. I am hoping for a good weekend.

Everything seems to be going in my way! (: Am happy as of now :D

Can you be sure?


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