Wrong move.

Feeling tired after some crying. haha. Dont worry, not much of a big deal actually. Still struggling with GP and regret about not doing it earlier because i really want to sleep right now.

Went Bishan library to mug with lynette and wei tian. Really love the feeling of being with St nicks girls. Its a different sort of comfort and ease. Basically, i just feel more at home. Miss st nicks alot after reading some of my old posts.

Didnt intend to post today if not for what happened. I sort of guessed it, and attempted to ignore it because i know i am still fearful. I keep trying to convince myself i am reading too much into it but i guess i was right. unfortunately. haha. So well, what i fear most really happened. Talk about being best friends forever._. I didnt kn0w how to react but i guess i manage to pull through it. Really wanted to cry at that moment but i know it will be so embarassing. Thanks so much for holding my hands tightly. It really helps (:

Pretty tired of all these actually. I really dont understand why people can be so blind and silly to actually want to get involve in this. I am such a horrible person :/ one day you will realise this and regret. Cos you will get hurt :/

For the time being, please try to give me faith and hope. I promise i will work hard too. And i will learn to trust. You will have to help me cos i have no idea where i am heading. Just tell me if you see the road ending though. I will find a way out. This is tougher than i thought it would be. I dont even know if i will survive this.

lets hope this works(:

absent mindedly making me want you.


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