Happy Birthday PONG :D

Ponned first half of the CT to meet xin (: was a short and sweet cathcing up with her since i dont have much time for her always ): really need more time with my friends. Can’t stand this kind of hectic life sometimes. Just as we were happily exchanging info, chad goh caught us. Thank god no yellow slips and i wasn’t wearing my badge. oh well (: shall find another day for babe to do proper catching up. We are missing out so much on each other’s life! Love her (:

So the usual torturous tuesday… except that its Joanna’s birthday today (: did a bunch of stupid things and sang birthday song to her a thousand million times. hahahah. yay! something to spice up the day and makes it more bearable i guess. Bio SPA was complete crap today and LJF was SO WEIRD. I think he is trying to suck up to us and we all felt so disgusted :D speaking of which, i still owe Zann one chin chow because some idiot went to suck up to Mrs Ting and won the bet. HEY TEACHER’S PET (IN YOUR FACE IF YOU ARE READING THIS :D)

debate was just plain rubbish and i have no idea what i was saying more than half the time. Did i mention the fact that my phone died right before econs and GP?! my gosh ): worse time of my life and my fingers were itching to sms. Just realise how important messages are to keep me alive during lesson.

Feeling more or less stable today. I guess. I do not enjoy emotional dramas so i hope there wont be any episodes today. Feelings are settling themselves down… all i have to do now is to make a decision. Which i probably wont ever be able to make it. haha. Do something, make me believe (:

Whatever you choice is, I will support you babeh (: always here for you! I know you know that, just wanna re-emphasize (: AND PLEASE DO YOUR TUTORIALS. HEHE.

What if you’re making me, all that i was meant to be?

lyrics speaks a thousand word. Expresses almost everything i feel. What about now <3


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