I need time for myself.

Really busy these few days until i can hardly breathe. Shall just touch and go on those few days that past.
Thanks all the dearies who surprised me for advanced birthday(: really didnt expect it not even when i walked into swensens. Haha it was really sweet and most importantly i just want time to catch up with all my st nicks friends so it was a wish come true for me(: so busy till i dont remember my own birthday until everyone start asking me out on wed, thurs and fri. Haha. I was still complaining about why the whole world has telepathy and chose the same day when its not even public holiday or something. Until my friend told me in my face ‘please dont tell me your forgot you are born you sucker.’ haha yes i forgot. But oh well. Doesnt really matter.

Just reached home actually. From investiture rehearsal. So screwed up and drained i dont feel like elaborating on how bad it is. Maybe when invest is over i will talk about it. But not now when my head is throbbing and eyes hurting.
2.4 timing sucks like crazy and i have no idea why. Really feel like retaking. But i doubt they will allow cos its just 0.02 seconds from A. Human reaction error in stopping the stopwatch would have contributed to that time lapse. Haha. But i guess i could have ran faster. Not my best timing definitely.
Has been a reakky long day and i just want to take a good break. Have no idea when that will ever come. So happening and exciting everyday and so much to talk about but i have no more energy left.
Will be a really long day tomorrow. In fact longer and more draining than today. I cant wait._.
Still i love my life. We should always feel contented about what we have even though our lives are like shit. Because there are people worse out there.
Jiayou to myself.

Not looking forward to tomorrow.


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