St nicks! Less than 3 :D

Investiture on wednesday! House comm walk in was pretty well received actually. hehe. since we are always the craziest among the three leadership bodies. nonetheless, it doesnt mean the investiture wasnt screwed up. no offence, but the adhoc wasnt up to standard. i am not being critical but… thanks kuanting for stepping in to handle everything in the end. Without him, i think my term in house comm will be so much tougher. Really thank him for bearing all the burdens with me (:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME on thursday! Just another normal day actually. But as usual, happy to receive texts and wishes from unexpected people (: miss st nicks alot on days like this… sigh. but oh well, received tonnes tonnes of huggies too from victorians! so i guess it made my day more bearable. Had three cakes in a day. gosh. grow fat and die ): camwhore like mad with zann’s phone throughout lessons :D hehehe. addicted to camwhoring once again ;p

went back st nicks today! MISS IT SO SO MUCH! you just feel as if you are going home and as if nothing changed at all. I am once again, a st nicks girl, just that i am in a different uniform. but the different identity doesnt segregate us. We are still a big loving family. I love how i can just talk to anyone in st nicks and feel comfortable even though i dont know them. Its just a special feeling i will never experience it ever in VJ no matter how much i love it. Its just different. But sadly, i think st nicks will no longer be the same again. Teachers gone, system changed, st nicks culture is somewhat different now. Politics etc… Just hope that our juniors will still preserve the st nicks values of simpleness and purity(: i will love it no matter what. St nicks is something that will never leave my heart and mind <3

Tired tired. Havent done any tutorials or whatever for three days straight. Busy long weekend ahead with tests, tutorials, and projects.

I miss literature! Feel like writing a poem all of a sudden. But i am too tired to churn out something decent.

and i have to admit i did change alot over the last two years.

the usual birthday wish; for everyone around me to be happy and healthy (:

still wondering if it will work…


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