Happy Birthday Danica~

Happy birthday babe! love you tonnes and i am so glad to have a st nicsk girl with me in S3A. St nicks blood just feels different (: not that i am trying to be exclusive here but it is true that we share similar thoughts. sometimes(: except when it comes to your violence and AIDS voice. haha ;p

Today isnt all that great.

At some point in time, you just feel like giving up. I am not one who gives up easily. i know that. But i am just afraid i might. Too tired to think, too frustrated to arrive at conclusion, too jaded to carry on. So  many things going against me and they just sap my energy. If i even have any to speak of in the first place. I want to wash my hands off everything right now. I dont want to care anymore. I just want to lie down on my back, look at the blue sky, and tell myself, i can do this. Who am i trying to convince.

I will send my baby girl for dance class(: unless she refuses to. Love how adorable and innocent they are here.

Everything would have been very different if i didnt injured my leg :/ and i cant even do NAPFA without that injury acting up on me. Good Job…

I am still trying. I dont know when i will give up.


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