Happily never after.

I just dont understand why it must be a tragic ending to everything. Maybe not tragic, but never will it be a good ending if you look at things from a pessimist point of view. Lets just say all happy things end, all good times past, and everything moves on. Generally, even people we love will leave us. Its such a hard way life grinds and moulds us. A cruel way to constantly appreciate the little happy things, not out of contentment, but obligation or everyone would have ended their lives long ago.

This is exactly what i mean when i say i dont believe in a relationship. Because regardless of how much a guy claims that he loves you, how important you are to him, and how everything will never change and the cliche ‘my feelings will never change’, time will still erode everything.

One day, nothing will matter anymore and those will be nothing but empty words.

This world is basically driven by self interest. Every man for himself. If one realises that something wont reap profit or no benefits can be gain from a situation, it is unlikely that he/she will continue with what is going on for long. Animal instinct perhaps.

Thank god i recognise that long ago. As much as it may sound real pessimistic, its always better to guard your heart. In that way, you will never get hurt. I mean, yes it still hurts, but at least in a less devastating way. Afterall it still boils down to the logic of every man for himself. As much as i hate it to the core, the world revolves around that concept.

I was right about time will prove everything.

For that, i learnt a lesson(: and walls up, stronger than ever(:

Have a good day world!



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2 responses to “Happily never after.

  1. pikadru

    very existentialist. i like it!

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