I love love the song Bad by The Cab. And What makes you beautiful by one direction :D

I need to stop obsessing. Its UNHEALTHY HOW OBSESSED I AM. Not with the songs. Its another matter altogether. Ohmygod. I can’t believe i am so insane to actually be thinking about it almost every single minute. Its kinda creeping me out to be honest.

Like some stalker. URGH.


Blah blah blah. ja ja ja.

Just find a way to start the conversation wont you?


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So long as we learn from everything that happened around us, even if the situation might seem bad, it can still make a positive impact on our life.

Most importantly, regardless of how much life sucks at the moment for anyone, please bear in mind that

You define your own life, not the other way round.

Everyone has a choice not to be victims of situations and break through them to emerge better and stronger.

We dictate what will happen in our life. What happened does not define how our lives will be.

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If You Come Back

Seriously, when will i finally stop loving this song?

If you come back
Here’s my life
Baby, till the end of time
And I swear
I’ll keep you right by my side
‘Cause baby
You’re the one I want

Maybe the day when it stops summing up my life, and pretty much most people’s life out there.


Life can be pretty much a little bitch. Time to tough up.

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Hi Bye?

Was PMSing the past few days which really was annoying. Girls hate it when they pms but it isnt as if we can help it all the time. Sometimes, we just cant control. I guess thats when it sucks not only for us, but also people around us. Am feeling lots better today. AMEN.

PW is so so draining. I cant wait for it to end. I mean i really love LOVE my group cos we play super hard, laugh even harder, but we still get work done(: as compared to other groups i know who just slog their guts out. Everything about us is “welfare first…” so we allocate days where we are not allowed to talk about/do pw stuff :D even our ST agrees that we are the craziest group. hahaha DWI = deal with it. YAY love VJ069 and our slogan; keep calm and lie on/crap on.

Promos result is so much better than i expected so it comes off as almost shocking. GP was shocking too but in a bad way. Is because of the bitch marker actually. her comments are atrocious she is not fit to be a teacher. Her lack in general knowledge (eg she doesnt even know what brown revolution is =.=) resulted in my class suffering from the miserable grade of 18-25 out of 50.

Wont be playing floorball for a long time and many are asking me to reconsider even going back to training. i’ve to admit with every passing day, the possibility of me going back to training diminishes as my leg is no where near better. The pain and condition is practically stagnant.

So to the main point of the whole out-of-the-blue post… Is funny how songs bring back memories. If pictures speak a thousand words, i dont know songs portray. A billion images and memories? I thought i would never miss but i do. Maybe its something about it which i cant figure out that i miss. The cliche goes, its impossible for time to rewind and go back to where it all begins, where none of those happened. When we take a leap of faith, we give ourselves to room for regrets and positive outcomes the optimist would argue. Funny how certain things just dont allow you to learn from mistakes. you will just keep making the same mistake, but you merely learn how to deal with it after making the mistake.

Enough said :/ need to go shopping soon. And buy all the non-pink stuff in the world. Disturbing how when i went for PW last week my bag is pink, umbrella is pink, laptop is pink, the CD case is pink, specs case is pink, hair tie is pink, speaker was red (lucky me) bottle is red (lucky me again) and i was wearing red house tee. Thats about it i guess. But still, being called bimbo for that day was inevitable. My bed linen now is PINK. Looney tunes design with tweety bird starring at every single inch of the pink bed sheet, pink pillow case, pink bolster, pink blanket. THANK GOODNESS TEDDY AINT PINK. Oh but the cushion and this soft toy thingy are red.


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Out of Control

cant remember the last time i posted something but here it is.

Everything seems so out of control. Perhaps because people do get tired and eventually stop trying. Funny how the saying goes “just let nature take its course” and everything will be fine. What a lie. When you stop trying, when you just let things be, everything takes a dip and spins out of control. I say that with reference to every single nook and cranny of life. Academics, social life, friendships, relationships, your own health and whatever you can think of. Imagine if you stop trying to call your friends up, the distance will just grow gradually. A misunderstanding left unattended might even put an end to the friendship. Humans love to self-contradict. The same with saying “you have to learn to let go and move on” after someone -touchwood- died. I mean seriously, if everyone just let go, then what is the point of living? The world have been searching for the meaning of life even since time immemorial. The fact that people live and die doesnt really make much sense itself, coupled with the saying “let go of the memory” just make the true meaning of life even more intangible. If we were to let go after someone died, then whats the point of the person’s existence to begin with? How nonsensical .__.

So i practically rant that whole chunk in two minutes. hahahaha. My point is, My life is out of control. GREAT. To be honest, it was because i took a… three months? no i think mere two months break from my own life. I practically live in this souless body for two months and just “let things be”. Yea. It was easy for me but perhaps not so much for the people around me? since i think some kinda wonder what was wrong with me. I was just too tired to care. Now the major problem is Promos. Less than 10 days and i barely started. I dont want to retain and i have no idea how it is even possible for me to cram everything into that brain of mine. Simply impossible.

After promos, it will be time to get my life back. To really catch up with many many people whom i neglected for the past few months due to crazy JC life and past few weeks due to the major soul switching.

In life, you simply dont get to take breaks. You can’t afford to because the world simply continue spinning without you. That just contradicts what i said about life being meaningless if its all about moving on.

Oh well, at least it proved my point on how self contradictory humans can be.

Cheers for a better day. Perhaps a decent non-retain promos grade too.

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For that, i can be very positive that single is the way to go.

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Happily never after.

I just dont understand why it must be a tragic ending to everything. Maybe not tragic, but never will it be a good ending if you look at things from a pessimist point of view. Lets just say all happy things end, all good times past, and everything moves on. Generally, even people we love will leave us. Its such a hard way life grinds and moulds us. A cruel way to constantly appreciate the little happy things, not out of contentment, but obligation or everyone would have ended their lives long ago.

This is exactly what i mean when i say i dont believe in a relationship. Because regardless of how much a guy claims that he loves you, how important you are to him, and how everything will never change and the cliche ‘my feelings will never change’, time will still erode everything.

One day, nothing will matter anymore and those will be nothing but empty words.

This world is basically driven by self interest. Every man for himself. If one realises that something wont reap profit or no benefits can be gain from a situation, it is unlikely that he/she will continue with what is going on for long. Animal instinct perhaps.

Thank god i recognise that long ago. As much as it may sound real pessimistic, its always better to guard your heart. In that way, you will never get hurt. I mean, yes it still hurts, but at least in a less devastating way. Afterall it still boils down to the logic of every man for himself. As much as i hate it to the core, the world revolves around that concept.

I was right about time will prove everything.

For that, i learnt a lesson(: and walls up, stronger than ever(:

Have a good day world!


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